Supplement T Double Strength

Supplement T Double Strength
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•    Supplement T  is a new, uniquely powerful product
•    It has been tested at the Eden Life Clinic yielding astounding results.

A brief introduction to Supplement T  
(a)  Mechanism of Action

Appetite Control and Increased Metabolic Rate

•    To understand the mechanism of action of Supplement T  one needs to understand the Endocanabinoid system
•    This is the system in the brain which controls the body’s food intake and energy saving mechanisms.

Consider the following:

Supplement T contains ingredients which stimulate GABA (A) receptors.

This effect is increased exponentially when these ingredients are combined with other GABA (A) receptor agonists as well beta 3 adrenergic receptor agonist (also an appetite suppressing receptor)
By stimulating the release of Dopamine (via GABA), we are allowing the body’s own natural appetite suppressing mechanisms to start to work.
By stimulating the release of Noradrenaline (via GABA), we are releasing one of the most powerful metabolic stimulants known to man – and it’s your body’s own metabolic stimulant.
Noradrenaline determines your bodies Basal Metabolic Rate.

ii) Fat Burning and Reduced Fat Storing

•    Adipose tissue plays an important part in the body’s energy balance regulatory System
    It was once believed that adipocytes were permanent, during weight loss you simply caused fat cells to shrink in size.
•    Today we know that fat is balanced by the process of cell deletion called Apoptosis  of Adipocytes.

Apoptosis of Adipocytes.

•    Affected by Alpha - Tumor Necrosis Factor
•    Alpha - Tumor Necrosis factor also plays a significant role in Insulin Resistance and all Inflammatory based diseases.
   Consider how apoptosis occurs:

Supplement T contains ingredients which act by inducing adipocyte apoptosis.

•    It causes fat cells to just disappear into thin air!

But that is not all!!

In addition to adipocyte apoptosis Supplement T  also reduces fat storage.
Let’s take a closer look at how this happens:

Supplement T contains ingredients clinically proven to significantly slow the action of Lipoprotein Lipase.

 Fat apoptosis + reduced fat formation = a Slim you!

iii) Muscle Toning

Supplement T contains ingredients which significantly increase electrical and contractile properties of skeletal muscle.
This allows for improved muscle firming and toning.

iv) Craving Control

Supplement T affords its users total craving control by increasing their serotonin levels.
 Obese individual → 90% probability of Insulin Resistance                                               
    → low seratonin levels  →  crave carbohydrates

Supplement T contains ingredients ensure that serotonin is released back into the space between the nerves. This results in a higher level of serotonin action on the membranes of nerve cells that is in turn associated with craving control.

Supplement T is available in three strengths:

Supplement T

Supplement T Double strength

Supplement T Triple Strength

One does not need to increase the strength; this is simply available for your convenience. After taking Supplement T for one month, you may take Supplement T Double Strength for another month and then Triple for another month. The user also does not need wean off the Supplement T Triple Strength.

How to take Supplement T
Take one capsule in the morning to assist with excessive craving for food, fat burning increasing the metabolic rate, metabolism of starches and firming and toning.

Supplement T (Single Strength)        -    R1850.00
Supplement T (Double Strength)      -    R2260.00
Supplement T (Triple Strength)         -    R2360.00

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