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Fat Absorber and Starch Blocker in one

The market has long been flooded with Fat Absorbers and Starch Blockers.  Most of these don’t really do much.  After much research we are delighted to announce that at last we have found a winning combination.

Let me explain:

1)  The Fat Absorber

When we ingest fat the following occurs:

The Starch Blocker

When we ingest starch the following occurs:

Once the starch is absorbed two things happen:

Traditional fat absorbers which work in the following way:

Our new fat absorber works a little differently:


As a result:
1) Starch is not broken down so it is not absorbed

2) Sugar levels in blood stream do not spike, hence no rebound insulin surge is seen and patient does not crave more starch.
     Commonly asked questions

1) Will a fat absorber absorb good fat as well as bad fat?  It is not dangerous to have so little good fat?
    Remember, only up to 30% of the fat that you ingest will be absorbed by our fat absorber.  This leaves 70% to be absorbed by your body, which is more than enough.
    Of course, if you are anorexic ally thin then 70% of absorbed fat is not enough, but if you have a few kilos to lose the fact that we are preventing you from absorbing up to 30% of ingested fat, the benefit are enormous (pardon the pun)!      

2) Will I get diarrhea from the fat absorber?
    If you absorb the fat together with the starch as it is the case here, you will not get diarrhea, but you will see fat passing out when you go to the loo.

3) It is not dangerous to absorb all the starch I eat?
     Again, bear in mind that you will only be absorbing up to 60% of the starch that you eat.  In addition to this, the starch that is absorbed is slowly released into the blood stream so you will not see the rebound insulin surge and serotonin drop
     which will cause you to crave more starch.

4) How do I take the Fat Absorber and Starch Blocker?
     Take one capsule twice daily with your two main meals.

5) Can I take the product only when I need it?
     If you take the product only when you have a fatty meal you will only get about 40% of the benefit.  To get the full benefit you must take it twice daily for at least 2 weeks

6) What is the cost of the product?
     R1400.00 for 60 capsules.




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