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Supplement HB
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As you may have gathered, making people slim is a passion for me, but I would have to admit that it comes second to my primary passion which is developing products. 
This is why I am delighted to announce a new addition to the Eden Life Health Products range: Hunger Buster.

Supplement HB is a combination of water soluble polysaccharides of natural origin which work to decrease appetite.

Will Supplement HB give me the shakes like conventional appetite suppressants?

A resounding no! Supplement HB is not absorbed in the body at all and so has no drug interaction and no central nervous system side effects.

How does Supplement HB work?

As you know, appetite and craving are mediated by various body chemicals, these include amongst
others Grelin, PY Y3-36 , Cholecystokinin, Melanocortins, Serotonin and Dopamine.

Let take a closer look at Cholecystokinin (CCK):

Consider what happens when you eat:

Of course, one expects to experience a decrease in appetite and a feeling of fullness once you have eaten but wouldn’t it be great to experience this before you’ve even eaten?
Well, that exactly how Supplement HB works. It mimmicks the presence of food in the small intestine so that your body naturally releases CCK (your body own natural appetite suppressant) – leaving you feeling full even when you haven’t eaten.

How do I take Supplement HB?

Take 2-3 capsules with a glass of water once or twice daily when necessary.

Will Supplement HB interfere with any other Eden Life Health Products?

Not at all. Supplement HB works completely independently of all our other products and will not interfere with any of them

How long will a container of Supplement HB last?

Because you use the product only when you need it, you will decide how long it will last. Most people need the extra control on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – which means one container will last 1-2 months.

Who should take Supplement HB?

Basically, anyone can take Supplement HB. If you feel extra hungry during those nibbly weekends – Supplement HB is for you.

Do I need to take Supplement HB continually?

No, not at all – you can take it only on weekends only at night or whenever you feel you need extra control, or you can take it continually. It is non addictive and totally safe.

What does Supplement HB cost?

R300.00 for 60 capsules lasting 1-2 months.



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