Supplement GHR

Supplement GHR
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In our body

Assists in:
•    reversing effects of aging
•    reducing body fat
•    increasing lean muscle mass
•    lowering cholesterol
•    increasing bone tissue
•    decreasing wrinkles
•    restoring hair colour
•    improving vision
•    enhancing sexual potency
•    decreasing night time urination
•    decreasing hot flushes
•    improving mood
•    improving memory
•    thickening of thinning skin
•    increasing exercise performance

Growth Hormone Secretion

Growth hormone secretion decreases with age in every animal species.  At age 40 our growth hormone production is only 40% of what we produced at age 20.
Studies conducted on the cells of the pituitary gland however indicate that if stimulated correctly, old pituitary gland cells can release as much growth hormone as young pituitary gland cells.
HGH in the body is secreted in pulses.  A major Growth Hormone pulse occurs about 2 hours after you have fallen asleep.

Growth Hormone Supplementation

HGH is a large protein molecule, the only way we can use HGH is to inject it.  No products whether capsule, plaster, liquid or spray can supply the body with GH, because the HGH molecule is simply too large to be absorbed.

Our product

Our product has been specifically designed to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete its own growth hormone in its normal pulses.
In order to ensure that we keep things in the body as normal as possible it is important to take our supplement when your body would naturally release GH, i.e. at bedtime.
The key to our product is that we use HGH releasers.  We use ingredients which stimulate the pituitary gland to release its own growth hormone.

By using the HGH releasers you are able to cause your pituitary gland to secrete extra HGH.  

Pack size:
140 capsules

Take 5 capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach – 2 hours after a meal and 1 hour before a meal
Capsules can be taken during the night if you awake.



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