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Supplement 3
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The muscle toners consist of a group of ten different bark extracts, root extracts and amino acids.  These ingredients work together to ensure that your muscles are continuously contracting and relaxing and hence burning energy.  The contractions occur on a micro scale so you cannot actually feel it happening, but your muscles will be constantly working to burn energy.  The advantages of this are twofold:  Firstly, by constantly contracting the muscles are generating heat, this heat then feeds the metabolism and so the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) increased.  This increased BMR results in a more rapid weight loss rate.  Secondly, the constant contracting and relaxing ensures that you did not become flabby while losing weight.  Patients using this product during the weight loss process find that at the end of the process their skin and muscles are firm and toned, irrespective of whether they exercised or not.  Patients already on an exercise program find that their exercise performance improves while using the muscle toners.

Mechanism of Action

In order to understand the mechanism of action of the muscle toners it is important to look at the action of all the ingredients together.  On their own these ingredients do very little to enhance muscle tone, however when combined together in a particular ratio an intensive synergism is seen.

The muscle toners cause your skeletal muscle to constantly relax and contract.  This generates heat which in turn fuels the metabolism.  The effect of this muscle generated heat together with the metabolic increase from the increased Nor Adrenaline in the brain (caused by the St John’s Wort) is an increase in the Basal Metabolic Rate of up to 40%.  This means that in fact you will burn up to 40% more calories at any given moment.  This of course has one main result:  an increased weight loss rate.
At Eden Life we believe in rapid weight loss because weight loss motivates weight loss.  However, clinical studies have also indicated that when the muscle toners are stopped the metabolism drops to about 5% above normal long term.  This is probably due to the increase in muscle mass as a result of the muscle toner use.

How does this affect you?

Well it simply means that because of your increased metabolism you will find it a lot easier to maintain your goal weight – and this is of utmost importance to us.  You see, you can lose weight on any program but the question is can you keep that weight off?  With a metabolic rate that is slightly increased you will find weight maintenance easy.

The muscle toners also facilitate muscle growth.  This means that even if there has been previous muscle wasting new muscle actually forms giving you shape and definition.
As a result of the increased muscle activity there is an increased blood supply.  This allows for the expedient removal of toxins.  And of course we all know what toxins do, they promote cellulite!  After just 2 weeks of uninterrupted use of the muscle toners you will see a visible decrease in cellulite.

Perhaps the best advantage of the muscle toner is the decrease in wrinkles.  Often ladies are scared to lose weight because their face will become haggard and drawn.  This is definitely not so when the muscle toners are used.  As a result of the increased muscle mass there is also an increase in connective tissue.  Connective tissue is the tissue that holds skin to muscle.  Due to the increased connective tissue the skin is held tightly and firmly to the muscle leaving no room of hanging skin.

Root Extracts
Bark Extracts
Amino Acids
Naturally occurring antioxidants.

Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach.

Price excludes consultations, postage and packaging.

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